Sevilla Third day – 14.09.2018

14/09/2018:  trip of Andalusia Before leaving for our trip, we received our certificates of attendance. Then we began our trip with three stops: the first stop for visiting El Rocio, a little typical village very famous for its ancient cathedral; the second stop for visiting El palacio del Acebron, a natural oasis, very different from […]

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Sevilla Second day – 13.09.2018

13/09/2018: team work We worked the project up to develop future activities and meetings. We planned the meetings in the Cezch Republic and in Turkey and we spoke about  the dissemination of the project. In the afternoon after the coffee break we visited the Town Hall and we learnt about the history of Andalusia and […]

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Sevilla: Second Transnational Meeting! First day – 12.09.2018

12/09/2018: welcoming the participants! We had the first meeting with all the colleagues from Romania, Cezch Republic and Turkey. First of all, in the morning every school presented its activities about the subject in a very cosy atmosphere. Then Manuel Moreno, school counselor, lectured us on the Spanish law about  bullying  and cyberbullying, the code […]

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